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Welcome to Our New Website

Today is a big day! After months of planning we’re excited to introduce our new website and so glad that you’ve come to check it out. The Pearl website is full of the information you need about our church and gives us a face on the internet. The main purpose of this website is to act as an interactive billboard, or better yet, the front door to our church. It’s the first thing many people will see and we want it to be a reflection of who we are and what we’re about.

We’re a small church that has a lot going on and we hope that as you explore the pages on this website you’ll get a sense of what we’re about. As you flip through our ministry pages, our photos, our blog posts and all of the other goodies, we hope it becomes clear that we are focused on developing a community/family atmosphere that is all about exploring faith in Jesus and making His name famous in this city and beyond.

The City:

Although we have this shiny new website and we’re hoping to keep the key info up-to-date, the core of our church’s online action is at The City. The City is a web-based church software platform where the people of the Pearl can easily CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, and ENHANCE SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Some would say it’s similar to Facebook for churches. This is only half true. The great distinction is that it is a safe, private, and monitored environment where the focus is on developing the church and maintaining a spiritually-guided community.

If you’re interested in seeing what’s going on at The Pearl in more depth or you want to connect with some of our people, please consider signing up for The City at Once you’re there, click on the “Need an account?” link under the Login button to get started.

Thank you for checking out the Pearl’s new website. We look forward to seeing you at church!

For more about our church, service times, or other information, please contact us.

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